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Apparel is an excellent way to promote your brand or to get a message across in vivid, durable color.

The most versatile of traditional printing techniques, with apparel your image can be printed on just about any material in high quality. By using environmentally friendly, market leading equipment and inks, we deliver the highest quality products available.

When apparel it's important to use the correct ink to get the desired results. The most commonly used inks for silk screening are oil-based Plastisol, water-based and discharge which is available in both Plastisol and water-based. Additionally there are more eco-friendly PVC and Phthalate free ink types available.

Plastisol ink provides good, clear graphic detail and comes in a wide array of colors. Water-based ink soaks into the fibers of the fabric instead of sitting on top of it giving the screen print a softer feel. Discharge ink, available in both Plastisol and water-based types, removes the color of the fabric where it's applied and replaces it with its pigment. Discharge ink is a good choice for use with 100% cotton.